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4 Things You Need to Avoid when Making Money Online
September 14, 2015

Being able to make money online is a wonderful way to earn an amazing income. Finally technology and the economy has reached a point that people are slowly discovering the ability to really utilize the internet to make great money online and usually with far less work than traditional jobs once you have it setup. However, just like any business, there’s businesses out there that are trying to take advantage of people’s naivety and lack of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. Plus, with technology changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up on all the latest breakthroughs, new ways of communicating online and each new marketing trend.

That’s why we’re here, as each new development comes up we’ll tell you which ones work, which are dogs and which are just simply scams.


So, here’s 4 things to avoid to get you started;


  1. Purchased email lists


The internet is full of scam providers telling you that they’ll supply you with millions of targeted emails for a few hundred bucks. The vast majority of these are all scams and avoid them like the plague. They’ll try the hard sell on you, offer you a time sensitive discount, and call and email you repeatedly hoping at some point you’ll finally buy. Make sure you always check reviews on each of the email providers if you do talk to them, you’ll find most have hundreds of irate customers that got taken.

Secondly, even if it is a legitimate email service provider you’re going to find that your open rates and click through rates are going to be far smaller than any emails you’ve got from people that saw your ad and decided that they loved your product or what your talking about. Remember, they don’t know you and it’s an unsolicited email so you’d better have a really great headline!

Think about what you do with all the unsolicited emails, you send most of them to the trash right?

You’re best way to get followers and new customers is from your site and click through from your PPC marketing or Facebook ads.


  1.  Don’t spend thousands until you’ve tested!


One of the biggest mistakes people make is they launch a giant campaign as soon as they’ve built their site and landing pages, email auto-responders etc and then wonder why they aren’t making money.Don’t! You only think you have it right. Wait until you test everything. What’s your open rate on your emails? Is it 5 percent? 50 percent? That’s a big difference. How about your conversion rate of your landing pages? Is that 5 percent or 50 percent? Every little step along your sales funnel is a vital point that you need your response rates to be as high as you can possibly get them. Each step, if you’re not converting you’re ultimately not selling. It can be the difference between making $50,000 this year or 5 million!

Every single campaign no matter how skilled the creators of it are always needs to be tested because every single new campaign is unchartered water. The good news though is it’s easy to test, can be done quickly and with little money, so don’t whatever you do make this mistake and make sure it’s a 5 million dollar year!


  1. Make Sure You Have A Presence On All The Channels


What I mean by channels is Facebook, Twitter, email address, website, phone. If you want to make money you want to have your name and brand on all the main sites.Everyone is different and everyone finds things differently. Some prefer Facebook to purchase items, they’re looking for things that friends have used, recommended, liked and so forth. Same goes with Twitter, some people look for friends to tweet something or they want to be at the cutting edge and find something before anyone else knows about it and then tweet about it themselves. Others are more traditional with just going with an online search. This is where you need to make sure that you have search engine optimized your site, you want to make sure that they can find all the information they need quickly and easily as well as your contact page as well as a great FAQ section. Others prefer to contact you directly so you’ll need a phone number and ideally an 800 number.

Now that you’re well represented in each channel make sure the look and feel is consistent across all of them and you have a consistent message that you say across each and every one.


  1. Test everything


We talked before about testing your marketing, now make sure you test the functionality of every link, every order page, every tiny thing from spelling to grammar to social media links. Many times you’ll have at least a few broken links or url’s that have been entered in wrong. After the flurry of activity and changes you’ve been doing you’re bound to have missed something. Take the time and go through every tiny little thing and then when you’re sure everything is perfect… Launch, be ready to make money online and hold on!

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