Am I guaranteed to be making $1 million dollars or more in a year?


No, I can’t guarantee your effort or commitment nor the market but I can say that I have a very high success rate and the graduates that see the course through, follow the steps and put in the effort have over a 90% chance of being able to retire from their present jobs 1 year from the day they started.


I only have a high school education, am a single Mom with 2 kids and a full time job, is this really something that I can be successful at?


The fact that you have a high school education is certainly enough to complete this course and in fact if you hadn’t completed high school you would still have no problem with the course materials, the only educational barrier I run into is if an understanding of the English language is poor, especially reading and writing.

In regards to obviously having a very full plate, what I always recommend is trying to steal an hour a day either at night, first thing in the morning or on your lunch breaks to do the exercises and read the materials. I know how difficult it can be and how exhausted you probably are all the time and this was a big reason I created the tapes as well to help you stay energized and motivated.


I don’t feel I have any special, unique talents or knowledge that I can create a business around, what do I do then?


This is one of the biggest concerns I hear from people but also one of the quickest to be resolved once a person starts going through our exercises. What you’re good at and love to do doesn’t need to be unique in itself, in fact the more popular the better, what is unique however is identifying a niche within that activity or knowledge that hasn’t been properly addressed, poorly marketed and poorly packaged. I’ll walk you through identifying what it is, looking at your competitors to figure out how to do it better or finding an untapped segment that you can become a market leader in.


Isn’t the internet overwhelmed with sites now leaving very little room for new people?


No, not at all. In fact in the last few years we’ve seen a giant opening up of opportunities for new e-commerce sites. It’s only been in the last 5 years that consumers have become accustomed to making purchases online, in a huge part because online security has gotten so much better and also Amazon has changed consumer behavior towards online shopping.


Is there any special skills that I need to be successful?


The Barefoot Millionaire is designed for you to not need any special skills but you will need focus and follow through. Motivation will be your one single greatest asset and The Barefoot Millionaire recordings will ensure that you’re constantly brimming with motivation. Any computer skills, writing skills or design skills would help but you certainly don’t need them.


How much will it cost me to start my business?


That depends on the type of product or service that you create and how detailed you get but typically what I recommend is developing a core product or service and then as the profits start to come in you can expand your line as resources allow and further expand your business. You can realistically expect to be able to get your business started for $1000 but there will be additional advertising expenses and extra product development costs once you’re up and running and making money. Your advertising budget will grow exponentially as your profit grows so you will only start to spend big money when you have big money.


Will I need a computer and internet connection?


Yes, these items you will need as you’ll be spending much of your time on-line and doing the course research online. However you don’t need anything fancy and a simple computer for a couple hundred dollars will be all you’ll need until you’re very successful and then spending money on a computer, printer etc will be an easy purchase.


Can I open multiple sites and businesses


Absolutely, I typically recommend focussing on just one the first year and make sure you put all your time and effort into that one because there will be a big learning curve but in one of the last weeks I talk about how moving forward you can probably open a new business every six months to a year and achieve multiple incomes. In fact you’ll probably find yourself on such a high once you see the first business being successful that you will want to keep building. Once you know the techniques you’ll be able to just repeat the steps each time.


What are the best kinds of products or services to make money online?


It depends on the market niche but what we focus on in The Barefoot Millionaire is e-products that can be automated and don’t require dropshipping or large production costs. E-products are items that are created once and then can be sold until the end of time. That is certainly the largest and best type of item for us to focus on.  The greatest effort from you is in the first year development stage, after that you have great margins, unlimited supply, easy distribution and a product that you can constantly update.

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