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How to Work From Home and Make Money
September 2, 2015

For many of us being able to work from home and make money would be the epitome of living the good life. The internet is full of images of happy people sitting on the beach or by their pool working in some wistful, unstressed world of business without the grinding hours or agonizing commute every day. Is this actually a real life that’s somehow been created or is it some mystical world where unicorns play in the water while you’re on a conference call.

Well, minus the unicorn this life does actually exist. I’m actually writing this from the beach though no mystical creatures are to be found except a curious turtle that keeps popping up to see what I’m doing and why.

Companies have been testing work from home scenarios for the past decade in the hopes of keeping their best staff who may be time challenged at home with both parents working, a newborn or ageing parents. Some companies have embraced it and shown productivity go up, other companies have given up and gone back to the traditional. However, many employees have found they loved this new found life and have broken out on their own to work from home permanently. The number of home based businesses has shot up in the past decade and it’s no longer seen as a small mom and pop operation if you work from home and make money but actually a form of pride. Not everyone has a pool or a beach to make into a home office but a cool deck with a coffee in the morning or a quiet area of the house is a pretty great alternative.

So, how does a person go about setting up this glorious life of solitude and tranquility and does a person miss the interaction that you get in an office environment or are you much more comfortable rifling through your fridge for a 5 o’clock beer while doing your last conference call than catching up on the latest gossip around the water cooler. Well,  the latter question is personal and we’re all different but most of us need interaction but are quite happy getting it elsewhere in our lives than at work. The first question is the most important. How do I do it you ask?

Well, the first obvious step is to find a business that you can operate completely from your home. Many people make the mistake of thinking it has to be something that they already have experience in, a different part of the work they do presently or simply taking the job they have right now and somehow just do it at home. Any of these are possible depending on the type of work you do but why not look into something completely different? People are shifting careers now at an ever increasing rate, it’s easier to learn new skills, get real time information about anything you wish and research the market in almost anything, anywhere in the world.

A number of things have switched in the last few years that are shifting the entire job market. People are purchasing online in the greatest numbers ever and it shows no signs of slowing down, the internet is reaching every corner of the planet with new technologies from Facebook and Google putting roving drone internet connections in even the poorest neighbourhoods, the world is being broken down into smaller and smaller niche markets and online advertising has never been as focussed and targeted as it is now, especially with facebook. In addition the cost of development, web hosting, web design and online banking has dropped to it’s lowest levels ever and will continue to drop for the foreseeable future.

It has never been easier to make money and more importantly to work from home and make money. It has never been cheaper to enter the market, it has never been easier to do market research and there has never been more opportunity for the individual to find a small niche that they can make a lot of money providing for.

Now that we’re able to target essentially the entire world (with some obvious language barriers), even niche markets that were too small to sustain a profit before, now globally can be worth millions. The world craves information, everyone wants to know how to do something better, faster or quicker than everyone else. Everyone seeks for knowledge in their favorite hobby, or sport or their work and the great thing is we all possess a special knowledge that others don’t. Even if we don’t have all the information we need, we have the ability to research it and put it into an easy to read, coherent book, system, program or whatever so that others don’t have to take the time to do exactly that and you know what, they’ll pay for it!

That’s just one example of a million alternatives that each niche market needs to solve a problem, an item of value that you can create. The first step is deciding that you want to change your life, that you want to work from home, or the beach or in fact anywhere in the world. The great thing is you don’t need a huge set of skills from an expensive university. It isn’t off limits to people without means and it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like or whether you have a bright pink afro or no hair at all, all you have to do is learn a specific set of skills relevant to the online marketplace. The Barefoot Millionaire is a great example of a course specifically created to teach you how to start an online business and walk you through each step from beginning to success in 1 year.

That’s another great thing about starting an online business is the time it takes to research, test, create and have a finished successful product or service on the market is incredibly fast and is determined in months and not years. In addition the profits in a successful well developed online business is far greater than traditional businesses and because of the way the marketing and advertising is set up online you’re able to ramp a business up to a multi-million dollar venture in a few months to a year.

There’s never been a better time to break out on your own and there’s never been as much opportunity to make money from home… or anywhere in the world you want too.

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