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5 Tips to Making Money Online
September 9, 2015

Once you’ve got your business setup now you’re eager to start making money online. You’ve been spending all your time and effort making sure that everything’s perfect. You’re landing page looks great and is optimized so everyone will want to opt-in. Your email auto-responders are set, your site looks great and you’re ready to make your first million.

So what’s next? You’re being bombarded by people saying they’ve got the greatest mailing list, the best social media strategy, the guaranteed online way for you to make money. It’s a difficult road to figure out which are the bad guys and which are the genuine businesses that care and can offer you a service that will help your business. For one thing there is no silver bullet, there is a clear strategy that you can follow that will get followers and then you will have to nurture them, give them lots of content, build trust and then if your product or service does fill a need for them, they’ll purchase from you and you’ll make money. That’s the way business works, just like if you had a store there is no one advertising medium that will make you a millionaire overnight. However, lucky for you the internet is so huge and your market is so big that if you follow these steps you will get sales, you will get lots of sales and your ability to become financially wealthy will happen.

1. Create great content

This is the most important part of creating your online business and making money online, generate great content and keep it coming, keep it new and keep it relevant. The more great information you can offer your followers the more trust you’ll earn, you’ll have a far higher retention rate, in other words people won’t unsubscribe from your email list, people will be engaged with your content, and they will ultimately purchase from you. Remember to always give people way more than they expect, more great insightful articles, more tips, more ways to save money, make money whatever it is if you continue to exceed expectations, great sales will result. You’ve already put everything into creating a great product or service now just treat people how they should be treated and you’ll make money.

2. Nurture your email list

Just like your site, your blog and everything you do with your business, you treat people with respect and offer them great information and this is exactly what you do with your email list as well. Stay in front of them weekly so they don’t forget you and keep offering them great emails with relevant, interesting content. If you begin seeing people drop off, look at the content of your emails and the frequency of them. These two are the top reason why people opt-out of a mailing list. Consider scaling back the frequency of your emails or look at the content that you’re giving them. Is it actually something that they should be interested in? Is it something that they probably don’t already know? Is the headline attention grabbing but also describe the content accurately. Make sure you test your subject lines, if you have a poor headline people will never open your email even if you have the most amazing content.

3. Test who your market is

You may have spent masses amount of time targeting a specific market, researching exactly what their one problem is that you can solve and figured out a whole strategy on how to reach them and then when you suddenly launch, you find that you completely misread it! Facebook is a fabulous tool to find out who is clicking on your ads. You’ll be able to see of course gender, age group broken down, spending patterns and exactly who within the demographics are your ideal market. This has happened to me in the past, I thought my market was males 18-30 but it turned out it was actually females 40+! I couldn’t have got it more wrong but as soon as I had the information I could change all my ads, change my copy, my email style and you know what? Sales shot through the roof. So, always test your market and use the tools that Facebook has to really define your market all the way down to education, spending habits etc for the best targeted campaign you possibly can.

4. Test your ads

The two best advertising options to build your business is Google adwords and Facebook. Google can target keywords putting you in front of people searching for exactly what you can provide and Facebook can put you in front of exactly the right people by target demographic, group and interests. These two are the most powerful form of advertising you can do and everything can be tracked. First off make sure that you have Google analytics setup on all your landing pages and website. Once this is setup you’ll be able to track where all your traffic is coming from, also both Facebook and Google have amazing ad tracking abilities so that you can see how many people are seeing your ads, how many are clicking through, what the demographics are and which keywords and audience is your primary market. This is a fantastic way to continually fine tune exactly what messages are working and which aren’t

5. Always be building and testing!

Once you’ve got everything looking great and people are buying, ads are being clicked on, emails are being opened and links are being followed it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking everything is perfect and your job here is done. Nothing is ever perfect. If last month you managed to get 1000 sales from 50,000 emails sent and you made yourself $100,000 you could kind of be forgiven for thinking you’re a rock star and you’ve nailed it! Well, you know what you’re still a rock star but maybe you could have doubled the sales you got from those emails if you’d just tweaked a couple emails, or a few words in the subject line or maybe the landing page would get more sales if it had a different call to action, a different colored button, a different headline? Every little part of your sales funnel can always be slightly improved so no matter how much money you’re making, keep improving!

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