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4 Best Ways for Making Money Online
September 6, 2015
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So, you’ve heard of all these people making money online. You’ve heard amazing claims of hundreds of thousands of dollars being made literally overnight, millions made in a few months or a year and now you want to know how to do it too. I don’t blame you! Well, just to start off, the money that was made overnight was actually carefully choreographed over many months to achieve the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that seemed to happen overnight.

Anyone who is making money online is consistently testing landing pages for click throughs, email content for clicks, headlines for open rates, sell pages for conversions and when they finally think they’ve squeezed every last percentage point increase out of every part of the sales funnel, then they’re ready to launch and they have a very good idea of exactly how their response rate will be and how much money they’ll make.

We’ll talk more about all this in later posts but before you do that you need to come up with an amazing product and a solution to a problem. When I created The Barefoot Millionaire I set out to create a course that showed anyone the steps for starting an online business all the way through to it being a huge success. The problem I’m solving is of not having enough time or money to enjoy the life you want.


So what are the top 5 online businesses to start?



  • An Ebook


An ebook is an incredible way to solve a problem, hundreds of millions of people have e-reading devices now, ebook sales have never been stronger and it’s never been easier to make money online selling ebooks. An ebook once it’s been created can be sold as long as there’s still people willing to buy it. You can sell millions of your exact same ebook and have the entire process on autopilot. All you have to do is watch your bank account grow, but it has to be well written, has to be on a topic, have a clear identified target market and you’re answering a question or solving a problem that needs to be addressed.

An ebook shows people you know what you’re talking about and you have enough expert knowledge to invest in writing 50,000 words about a subject. Even if you’re not a great writer there’s hundreds of great editors online that will help you make sure that your book reads well or ghost writers to even write it for you.


  1. An Online course

Online courses are one of the best ways to teach people about  a subject. It can be done at their own pace, it can include screen shots of examples or they can follow along on the computer through pictures and video. People are working non-traditional hours now that make it difficult to sign up for set day or night course times. Online courses have become an accepted way to learn about a subject and many people prefer not having to go into a classroom scenario.


  1. Audio recordings/ podcasts

Podcasts and audio recordings have become an increasingly popular way to make money online and can cover any wide ranging topic. People are as busy as ever and offering a way for followers to get your great content while they’re in their car or relaxing at home is a great option for getting your name out there. Many times it can be best used in conjunction with an ebook or course or as another way to learn. Audiobooks are seeing a massive growth in the last 2 years showing that many people are moving towards listening to a book or course rather than reading it.


  1. Information/ white papers

White papers or short ebooks are a great way to introduce people to a subject and give them a glimpse at the information that you’ll be giving them in your full ebook, course or podcasts. White papers can be used as a gateway for visitors to share their email with you and ask you for more future information through your blog or RSS feed. They’re a great way to introduce people to your style and to provide free content to people that are interested in your subject but aren’t willing to commit yet or are just testing the waters. By giving your visitors great, free information you’ll build trust and credibility in the community.
Making money online is always constantly evolving and developing new forms of communication, staying on top of new trends will ensure that your respected in the online world, oh, and always deliver great content!

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