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The Barefoot Millionaire Course is not a get rich quick without having to do anything scheme, there is no such thing as being able to become wealthy with little or no effort, it just doesn’t happen. So if you’re looking to get rich in the next week with little effort then this isn’t for you.

The Barefoot Millionaire is based on business principles taught in MBA courses worldwide and used by Top 500 companies, adapted for present day melding online business principles and put into plain english so that anyone can do it no matter what their background.


It is the first time tested business practices from MBA classes that charge $100,000 plus to complete has been adapted to today’s market and built especially for the on-line business start-up.


It shows step by step how you can create your own e-service or product and identify your markets based on your own unique set of skills and knowledge. We all have them, each one of us brings a dynamic background that nobody else shares.  The Barefoot Millionaire will help you identify them through a series of exercises, what you love and what you’re great at and together we will create a saleable, amazing new business and ultimately new life for you.


It will take work, but each step is broken down into a weekly to do plan and it will be explained in detail so you know exactly what you have to do and how to do it. As we progress through the weeks we’ll identify the right market for you, the right size so you can make a fantastic income from it and we’ll show you exactly how to reach them, communicate with them and set up your business so you’ll be profitable from the beginning.


The amazing thing with the internet and e-commerce today is that only in the last few years has there been literally billions of people searching and purchasing on-line. Never before has the market been easier for anyone to enter with little capital to start. Never before has there been millions upon millions of small niche markets opened up with an earning potential of millions of dollars in each.

The global market has opened up to people regardless of background, geography or education. Never has the playing field been so level whether rich or poor.


To repeat again This Is Not A Get Rich Quick Dream System but it is a carefully laid out course that will walk you through each and every step to ensure that you can make an amazing income from home or from in fact anywhere in the world you wish.


This Will Take Effort And Commitment but together we will get you through each step and you’ll find yourself getting more and more excited as each week comes. You will see your carefully laid out plan, you will see the clear steps that you’re going to take and you’ll be confident that you are making the right step each day.


How Can I Make Money, I’ve Never Owned A Business?


You don’t need a background in business, in fact it’s almost better if you haven’t so you don’t bring any preconceived ideas to your new business. The Barefoot Millionaire Course is based on you coming with absolutely no knowledge and we will walk you through every step of the process from identifying what niche is right for you and identifying the size of the market so that you’re ensured a great long term income in the 7 figures.

In fact you don’t even need any skills as far as programming, design or development, we’ll show you how to access people to do everything for you, for very little money.


Why an Online business?banner1


There are 3 fundamental reasons why starting an online business today is the ideal lifestyle choice, ideal opportunity for the greatest profit and the easiest and quickest to enter.


  1. An online business can be done anytime of day from anywhere in the world with an internet connection ( which is pretty well most of the world now). It is the ideal business conduit to offer a lifestyle that frees you to do other things and the majority of actions can be automated from the beginning leaving you free of the mundane tasks.


  1. An online business gives you access to a far bigger market that you would ever have from just a brick and mortar store. You have access to billions of people worldwide and millions upon millions in any market segment, this is why it is perfect for an individual, allowing you to concentrate on a carefully targeted market giving them exactly what they are looking for. It has never been easier to reach exactly the person that you want to talk to and we’ll show you how. You’ll be able to test your message to a small group of your market and once you know you’ve got it down you can launch it to the entire world. This is why you’re able to take your idea and ramp it up very quickly to make hundreds of thousands and millions in a very, very short time frame. This is why our entire course is based on the 1 year to success model and if you follow our steps you’ll probably reach it sooner.


  1. The on-line market requires no great education other than this course, you don’t need lots of money and the entire Barefoot Millionaire Course is based on you wanting to spend very little money but receiving a massive impact. Other traditional businesses have what is referred to as “barriers to entry” which is a fancy way of saying you need lots of money, lots of very smart people and huge marketing dollars to compete. The on-line world is the great leveller to everyone with almost no barriers of entry at all.


What exactly does the course offer?banner2


The Barefoot Millionaire is broken down into 2 parts.


  • We have you identify your perfect, ideal life. How you spend your days, where you spend them and with who. Throughout the course we keep coming back to your perfect life and have you plan it out month by month so that when your income at the end of the year can support your ideal life you’re ready to go and move into it right away. The greatest motivator will be knowing exactly why you’re doing it and what your end objective will clearly look like.


  • Each week you will focus on a number of exercises and steps that will move you closer and closer to your end goal of creating a very profitable business that you can launch with confidence, knowing exactly what the results will be before you begin. Each step has been simplified and put into a unit that you can complete within a one week time frame by carving out a few hours a day. It has been based on you having a full time job and a family, social life etc that will take your time.


As I’ve said throughout, it will take time and commitment and the focus to see it through from beginning to end and I will give you every resource to ensure that you do this. The weeks have been setup so that if you’re committed there is no reason you shouldn’t easily finish the exercises. Some weeks involve more work than others and you’re encouraged to jump ahead on the slower weeks and if you have additional time, try to move ahead as quickly as you can while still ensuring that you complete everything in each week.


There is no reason you couldn’t complete the course in under 52 weeks and be making an amazing income before the year is up if you dedicate the time and effort to it.


What Does It Include


The Barefoot Millionaire has been developed to give you every resource you need to ensure your success. I’ve put a tremendous amount of time and effort and testing to make sure that you aren’t short on information, tips, motivation and a clear laid out path for you to follow. I’ve made each exercise easy to follow and easy to interpret the results and move onto the next step. Each step has been carefully developed to ensure a seamless transition from week to week leading you down a path that before you know it will find yourself with a very successful business, a clear strategy and a very good idea of exactly how much money you’ll be making each month and how to increase it month to month as you grow.

I also discuss in the last chapter how to take your new wealth and develop a long term strategy to leave a legacy for your family, enjoy your present life to it’s full and ways to repeat the process that you just did many times to increase your income even further.


Items included are;


  • The Complete Barefoot Millionaire Course which includes pre-developing your ideal lifestyle so that it’s all ready to go the day your income switches, week by week clear defined steps and exercises that will have you create a successful business on your own that will enable you an income of 7 figures plus a year and an education guide teaching you along the way everything you’ll need to succeed.
  • A subliminal recording from that has been specially designed for The Barefoot Millionaire course that will find you more motivated, focussed and driven than you’ve ever been before. You’ll feel an incredible excitement every day for your new life that will be steadily coming towards you. This was created to give you the extra juice when you might be tired, the extra drive when you’ve had a long week and the energy to be excited every day knowing that 365 days comes very quickly and your dream life is just around the corner
  • You’ll also receive weekly email updates from me walking you through every step of each week’s exercises, any new updates or tips I can give you and also be constantly there to make sure that you’re focused and energized and excited about your coming year.


I hope this answers all of your questions, if you still have some additional questions check out my FAQ page that I’ll constantly update with the most common questions I receive or feel free to email me at


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